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Miller College of Business

Miller College of Business Study Abroad Scholarship Application

After you complete this form, you will be asked to print it out and return it to Student Services, WB 147.

In order to be eligible for a Miller College of Business Study Abroad Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Ball State University
  • Be a Miller College of Business major or minor
  • Be applying for a Miller College of Business study abroad trip
  • Return the completed scholarship application form

While there is no minimum GPA requirement for application, some scholarships have a GPA minimum.

Scholarships and awards are supported primarily by donations to the Ball State University Foundation. A small percentage of donors require that financial need be established for the award of the scholarship. Most other awards may be made on the basis of scholastic achievement without regard to financial need. In order for the Committee to get an accurate picture of your financial situation, PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FULLY.

Personal Info
Study Abroad Program
First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Email Address
Cell Phone Number
Include area code
Permanent Address
ZIP Code
High School graduated from
Major or intended area of study
(Include option if applicable)
Minor, if applicable
Anticipated Degree Completion
Please list all awards and scholarships you have received or will receive this year.
First Award
Second Award
Third Award
Fourth Award
Have you completed (or do you plan to complete) a financial aid form with the Ball State University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for study abroad?
Expenses (in whole dollars)
Field study program costs
Course fees
If not included in cost
Other expenses related to study abroad program
Total expenses for study abroad:
Resources (in whole dollars)
Grants or scholarships that will be used for study abroad
Family contribution
Student loan specifically for study abroad
Personal contribution
Total resources for study abroad:
Unmet needs
Your unmet need (expenses minus resources) is:
List extracurricular activities in which you have engaged while at Ball State University.
List all work experience.
(include any position you presently have)
Identify community service activities during the past two years.
Can be on- or off-campus. Provide dates, organizations, and names of officials or individuals with whom you worked. Feel free to provide any documentation thought to be helpful in assessing your experience/involvement in this type of activity.