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Miller College of Business

Miller College Undergraduate Fellowship Application

Your application will be considered complete after submitting this form and turning in an unofficial university transcript to the Miller College Student Services office at WB 147 by 5:00pm February 27, 2017. Transcripts can be printed out from Banner / My BSU. Click on "Self-Service Banner", then "Student" and "Student Records".

For more information, contact Gayle Hartleroad, Director of Student Services.

Personal Info
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Student ID
Email Address
Local Address
ZIP Code
Phone Number
Include area code
Permanent Address
ZIP Code
Phone Number
Include area code
Anticipated Degree Completion
Current GPA
Major or intended area of study
(Include option if applicable)
Second major
Minor, if applicable
Are you willing to devote at least ten hours per week, including some Fridays and Saturdays, to fellowship duties?
Why are you interested in your present major? What is your professional goal?
In what campus activities will you be involved next year? Describe the time commitments.
Describe activities that permitted you to use your skills in (1) leadership, (2) communication, and (3) group activities. Please comment on all three skills.
What experiences have you had presenting to both small (1-3 people) and large (100 people) groups? Are you more comfortable with one over the other?
I have displayed a high level of performance and dedication to organizations by:
What would you say are your chief accomplishments?
What are some of your strengths?
What are some of your weaknesses?
Briefly describe your education experiences in the Miller College of Business.
What do you consider the greatest assets of Ball State University and the Miller College of Business?
Who can provide further information on your involvement in various activities?