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The digital images, videos and electronic art in this collection are a representative sampling of Ball State student artwork. The collection can be viewed at

Most (all?) items in the collection were part of exhibitions in the Atrium Gallery.


  1. Obtain the images
    • Images are usually captured using a digital camera at 8 megapixels, high-quality JPEG format.
  2. Prepare the images
    • Any lens distortion or discoloration caused by the camera should be corrected.
    • The image should be cropped as closely as possible. If the item is framed, the frame should be cropped out unless one judges it to be a part of the artwork.
    • Rename the edited images with the prefix BSU-SAC-
    • Images should be saved using the JPG medium setting. ("Save For Web" is okay, but not necessary. Simply "Save As" and use a "Medium" JPEG setting)
  3. Record data about the artwork
    • Most information can be gleaned from the label next to the artwork.
    • Instructor and course information can be obtained by contacting Nicole Cardassilaris in the Department of Art.
    • Excel is useful for recording the data, but it should be saved as a tab-delimited text file once everything is recorded.
  4. Upload to Project Client
    • Adjust/check Settings:
      • Images Template - Edit:
        • Digital Identifier -- File Name
        • Pixel Width -- Width
        • Pixel Height -- Height
      • Apply Band:
        • Images and Thumbnails
          • Image Rights
            • If Copyright New is available, apply it.
            • If not, create Band:
              • 40 pix, check resize box, White
              • Wording to be used: Copyright 2011, Ball State University. All rights reserved.
              • Font: Arial, black, regular 22 pt.
            • Save and apply. (be sure to click on "Apply")
    • Add>Multiple Items
    • Navigate to the tab delimited text file
    • Navigate to the images folder
    • Check mappings
Old processing instructions (do not use)
The image should be resized so that the longest side is no longer than 1000px.
A copyright band should be added to the side of the image.
The AtriumGallery.jsx script should automate the previous two steps with Photoshop.
Alternatively, use the ImageMagick commands below: Load the images and data into CONTENTdm
mogrify -resize "1000x1000>" *.JPG
mogrify -bordercolor white -border 40x0 -crop +40+0 +repage -rotate 90 -font Arial-Narrow -pointsize 12 -fill grey -gravity South -annotate  0x0+0+10 "Copyright 2007, Ball State University and the original artist. All rights reserved.\nUnauthorized reproduction or use of this image  may violate copyright." -rotate 270 *.JPG

Data Fields

All data should follow AACR2 and LCRI.

The title given by the artist
LastName, FirstName
Subject - LCSH
Ball State University; Student activities in art; Art appreciation
The year the work was created (not necessarily the year of the exhibition)
Artist Statement
Do not include quotes at the end and beginning
This information can be obtained from Nicole Cardassilaris in the Art Department
This information can be obtained from Nicole Cardassilaris in the Art Department
Subject - TGM
Art; [more headings will be added by librarian upon review]
Time Period
For when the work was created. Eg, 2005; 2000s (2000-2009); Twenty-first century, C. E.
Artist's list of materials used
Information About This Artist
Link a Photograph of this Artist
Physical Dimensions
Media Type
Still image
Original Format
Digital photgraphs; Photographs
Digital Date
YYYY-MM-DD (Loaded)
File Format
Pixel Width
in CDM template
Pixel Height
in CDM template
Digitization Equipment
Nikon Coolpix 8700 Digital Camera (unless changed)
Digital Identifier
in CDM template
Ball State University Student Art Collection
Copyright [Current Year], Ball State University and the original artist. All rights reserved.