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This collection consists of digitized volumes of the Muncie Times newspaper published Bea Morten-Foster since 1991. This bi-monthly publication serves the African American communities of Muncie, Richmond, Marion, New Castle and Anderson, Indiana.

The collection can be viewed at

Current status

  • Completed 1991-01-10 to 2006-11-16
  • Scattered issues throughout the range may still need to be scanned, cataloged, or loaded


  1. Scan the item, saving the TIFF file in the appropriate issue's folder in "Muncie Times Newspaper\TIFFs_In"
  2. When an issue is completely scanned, move its folder to "Muncie Times Newspaper\TIFFs_Complete_Issues"
  3. A different person will inspect the files in "Muncie Times Newspaper\TIFFs_Complete_Issues" to ensure that:
    • All pages of the issue are present
    • All pages have the correct file name
    • All pages were scanned properly
    • All pages are cropped to the size of the page, retaining all text and margins, and rotated to the proper orientation
  4. After inspection of an issue, move its folder to "Muncie Times Newspaper\TIFFs_Checked"
  • Full color
  • 24-bit
  • 400dpi
  • The image should be cropped to the size of the page, retaining all text and margins, and rotated to the proper orientation
  • No other cropping, color correction, or other editing should occur

File Naming

Each issue should have its own folder using the following pattern:


where YYYYMMDD is the 4-digit year, 2-digit month, and 2-digit day of that issue's publication date.

The TIFF images will be saved in this folder using the naming convention:

    Folder Name
+   underscore (_)
+   Label (Page-01, Page-02, etc.)
+   file type (.tif)

For example:



  1. Record data
    • Originally performed by Acquisitions personnel
    • Completed through October 2005
  2. Scan newspaper
  3. OCR
    • Performed by Melanie
    • Use OmniPage software, batch mode
  4. Correct text file names
  5. Convert TIFF to JPEG,
    • Performed by Melanie
      • Use Photoshop droplet
  6. Sort files, copy data
  7. Upload to CONTENTdm
    • Performed by Jonathan
    • Previous scripts should put everything in the proper structure for loading multiple compound objects using the directory structure.

Data Fields

Muncie Times - Volume#:Issue# (e.g., Muncie Times - 3:14)
Publication Date
M/D/YYYY format (CONTENTdm likes it that way)
Volume Number
As it appears on the front page.
Issue Number
As it appears on the front page.
As it appears in the masthead. Always Bea Moten-Foster.
Managing Editor
As it appears in the masthead.
As they appear in the masthead, separated by semicolons.
Subjects of Photographs
As they appear in the captions (or the accompanying article if caption does not name), separated by semicolons.
Newspapers -- Indiana -- Muncie ; Blacks -- Indiana -- Muncie ; Black newspapers
Media Type
Full-Text Digital Object
Original Physical Format
Printed Newspaper
Muncie Times Collection
Ball State University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections Research Center
Copyright 2006, Muncie Times. All Rights Reserved.
Not sure what this field is used for.
Full Text
Blank for the issue. CONTENTdm populates this field from the transcript files for each page.

Dublin Core Mapping

  • dc:title
    • Title
  • dc:identifier
    • Volume
    • Issue
    • idNumber
  • dc:date
    • Publication Date
  • dc:contributor
    • Managing Editor
    • Contributors
  • dc:subject
    • Subjects of Photographs
    • Subject
  • dc:language
    • Language
  • dc:format
    • Media Type
    • Original Physical Format
  • dc:relation
    • Collection
    • Repository
  • dc:rights
    • Copyright
  • dc:description
    • Full Text