Middletown Women's History Collection Progress

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Archival IdItemScannedScans CheckedOCRTranscribedTranscripts CheckedImage ProcessingMetadata ProductionRecord CreationLoaded
*MSS 23Account Book (54 pages)Scannedcompare to transcriptsFirst Draft Completedto be donecompare to scans
*MSS 23Speech (4 pages)Scannedto be doneto be donen/an/ato be doneto be doneto be doneto be done
*MSS 23Photographs from PSC 75 (12 photos)
*MSS 158Correspondence (153 pages)
*MSS 158Abstract and deed (48 pages)
*MSS 158Bank Book (8 pages)
*MSS 158Photographs from PSC 59 (__ photos)
*MSS 203Correspondence (59 pages)
*MSS 203Minutes (500 bound pages)
*MSS 203Bylaws (4 bound pages)
*MSS 203Photographs from PSC 212 (2 photos)
*MSS 164History (58 bound pages)
*MSS 164Scrapbook (102 bound pages)
*MSS 54Minutes (850 pages)
*MSS 54Scrapbook (140 bound pages)
*MSS 133Biography of Lida A. Ryan (85 bound pages)
*MSS 129Diaries (753 bound pages)
*MSS 106Annual Reports (203 pages)
*MSS 106Story (9 pages)
*MSS 106Carbon copies (7 pages)
*MSS 106Photographs (62 photographs)
*MSS 106Photograph Scrapbook (40 bound pages)
*MSS 106Scrapbook (6 pages)
*MSS 193Memory Book (189 bound pages)
*SC 470Memory Book (189 bound pages)
*MSS 111Programs (920 bound pages)
*MSS 111Organizational History (28 pages)
*MSS 111Minutes (194 bound pages)
*MSS 62Brochure (12 bound pages)
*MSS 62Minutes (493 bound pages)
*MSS 88Minutes (2844 bound and unbound pages)
*MSS 88Photographs (4 photographs)
*MSS 101Minutes (247 bound pages)
*MSS 101Document (1 page)
*MSS 146Minutes (124 bound pages)
*MSS 86Minutes (1095 bound pages)
*MSS 89Minutes (402 bound pages)
*MSS 89Programs (61 bound pages)
*MSS 89Newspaper Clippings (16 pages)
*POVB 1Oversized Photograph
*PSC 68-08Photograph
*PSC 69-13Photograph
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