Digital Media Repository Working Group Meeting Minutes, October 17, 2012

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In Attendance

Jim Bradley, Benjamin Brown, Brad Faust, Bethany Fiechter, Amanda Hurfurd, Robert Seaton, Blake Stiener, John Straw, Michael Szajewski

1. Announcements
  • Ben Brown is the new Head of Library Enterprise Systems
2. DMR downtime update
  • DMR experienced downtime over the weekend as a result of an attempt to fix a known bug.
  • The downtime ended on Monday and the “phantom object” bug was fixed on Monday.
  • Searching error at the compound objects for recently-added compound objects has been corrected.
3. Update on CONTENTdm 6 and new public interface
  • Brad has given Robert the source code for the new interface. The plan is to update to CDM 6.1 between Fall and Spring semesters.
4. Performance indicators (# of digital assets/records) update
  • We are currently at 4,663 new objects in the DMR for the fiscal year as of the End of September. 36% of our total goal of 13,000 new articles has been reached through three months.
5. Maps
  • Melissa has prepared 144 pre-1923 assorted maps to be digitized. She also has an additional collection of WWII maps to be digitized in the future.
6. English 444 Book Art Collection
  • A pilot collection has been loaded into CONTENTdm. The collection highlights book art created by Ball State students in English 444 that are currently held in the Archives. Emphasis is on the book as an art form and not the text. Text is being intentionally blurred in some instances when necessary; some text is personal or sensitive. Copyright issues regarding logos will be run by Fritz.
7. Middletown Films outtakes
Steenbeck editing machine
  • Archives & Special Collections has outtakes from the Middletown Film Series done in the early 1980s. Sound and video are on separate films. There is faculty interest in using these outtakes for projects. A Steenbeck machine is needed to combine sound and film for viewing.
8. Collections update
  • 376th Heavy Bombardment Oral Histories: Three additional records and 98 new items added to the collection. COMPLETE
  • Architecture Image Collection: - 935 new images added to the collection. (Unless CAMS has more images I am unaware of, this should be all of the images.) CONTINUING
  • Architecture Rare Books (from Amy): 7 new volumes have been added to the Architecture Rare Books collection. Are there other from Archives/Drawings and Documents Archive? CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Alumni Center Memorabilia: Will there be more items to scan? CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Campus Photographs –Scanning on hold for the black and white photo negatives. We have scanned the first 3 boxes and we are currently scanning the fourth. Mike is in the process of making additional selections from box 2 and box 3 will soon be ready for selections. We have scanned the first box of Marie Fraser colored slides. We are currently scanning box 2. CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Daily News – 1960s uploaded. The Seventies are next, but we are going to focus on yearly uploads. QC and rescans on 1970 will begin shortly. CONTINUING.
  • Ball State University Historic Audio Recordings (University Archives Recordings): Added 17 more items to the collection. Greg is editing the next batch of 20+ records for the collection. CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Historic Films and Videos—We are currently working on sheets 2061 – 2106 and 1209 – 1239. CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Student Art: We are waiting for the next exhibition to take photographs. CONTINUING
  • Ball State University Student Life Collection: We scan materials as Mike pulls them. We’ve scanned roughly five boxes of random materials and we have also started QC and access file creation. CONTINUING
  • Bowles, Thomas Collection: Scanning is complete. QC is underway. CONTINUING
  • Burris Laboratory School: We have scanned four boxes out of nine. QC is underway. CONTINUING
  • CAP Lecture Series – We have 130 recordings in various stages of completion. Some are ready for collection building and others require QC. CONTINUING
  • Central and East Central Indiana Tract Books: Collection is live in the DMR. COMPLETE
  • Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County Collection: Collection is uploaded and nearing completion. CONTINUING
  • Conatser, Roger Aerial Photographs: Major metadata production complete. QC of records in progress. A normalization of terms will need to be done in the near future. CONTINUING
  • Delaware County Farmers Institute Farm Bureau Collection: We have scanned three boxes out of nine. We will let Steve know when we have scanned eight boxes so he can begin preparing another collection for digitization. CONTINUING
  • Delaware County Habitat for Humanity Collection – Will there be more items to scan? CONTINUING
  • Delaware County Poor Relief Records, 1850 1897: Scanning and initial metadata creation in progress.
  • Delaware County Public Schools (Directories): We have scanned 51 folders out of 62. CONTINUING
  • ENG 444 Student Book Binding Collection: Collection building of pilot collection completed. Waiting for further instructions from Archives. CONTINUING
  • Franklin, Grady Photographs: Waiting for selections from Grady (?) and possibly new items to scan. CONTINUING
  • Greene, Dick articles: Scanning started.
  • Historic Textbooks – A new upload will be attempted with smaller batches and frequent indexing. CONTINUING
  • Holy Cards – Created derivative files for the bulk of book one and added preliminary data for those items to the working metadata sheet. CONTINUING
  • Indiana Architects General Collections: We have scanned everything that Carol brought over. We have started to QC some of the materials. Collection building can begin soon.
  • Indiana Bridge Company Collection (Client Cards): We have scanned two boxes of cards and we are currently scanning the third. CONTINUING
  • Johnson and Miller Architectural Records: Scanning / initial collection building completed. Will be ready for a splash page in the near future. CONTINUING
  • Kibele and Garrard Architectural Drawings: QC and collection building continued. We have scanned about 20% of the materials. CONTINUING
  • Marsh Ryan Photographs: Collection now live in the DMR 421 records/561 items. Collection edits complete. COMPLETE
  • Muncie and Delaware County Films- We are currently working on sheets 2061 – 2106 and 1209 – 1239. CONTINUING
  • Muncie and Delaware County Historic Photographs Collections: All photographs have been scanned. We are ready for box 12 brief metadata records. CONTINUING
  • Muncie City Improvement Resolutions: We have scanned two out of four boxes.
  • Muncie Civic Theatre Collection: All scrapbooks uploaded. There is one more box of programs being scanned. CONTINUING
  • Muncie Matinee Musicale : Scanning and initial metadata creation in progress.
  • Muncie Public Library Historic Documents: Collection building for the Hattie Patterson letters is in progress. CONTINUING
  • Murray Jewelers Ledgers: Will there be more items to scan? CONTINUING
  • Official Weather Observers Record: We are half way through box 1 of 1. CONTINUING
  • Sir Norman Angell Memorial Lectures: Scanning completed. Access file creation complete. Waiting for blank collection.
9.Future meetings
  • There was a conflict with the Schwartz Complex for this meeting, but the meetings for the rest of this semester will be held in the Schwartz Complex. It was decided to begin the spring semester meetings on January 9, 2013, and again have them every two weeks on Wednesday at 10:30. We will try to schedule the Schwartz Complex for those meetings as well, and an invitation for everyone’s Outlook calendar will be sent soon.