Digital Media Repository Working Group Meeting Minutes, January 23, 2013

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In Attendance

Jim Bradley, Ben Brown, Brad Faust, Bethany Fiechter, Amanda Hurford, Sharon Roberts, Robert Seaton, Blake Stiener, John Straw, Michael Szajewski,

1. Announcements
  • None
2. Romanian oral histories collection
  • Pilot project will contain 33 born-digital audio files and transcripts, collection will grow to include digitized analog audio. Pilot collection is expected to be ready by next week.
  • Placeholder title will be used until we determine a DMR collection title
  • Digital audio has required some editing and file re-naming has been necessary in the developing of the pilot collection
3. Sound recordings digitization
  • There are plans to hire a student (15 to 20 hours per week) who will work with Blake and Greg Batic to assist in the digitization of reel-to-reel audio tapes.
  • Michael will determine the quantity of reel-to-reel audio left to be digitized.
4. Electronic Field Trip
  • Tom Barker will be delivering 36 digitized Electronic Field Trip assets on burned DVDs.
5. LaFollette papers
  • Michael has prepared for digitization a collection of manuscript papers to be digitized from the Robert R. LaFollette papers. The collection will document German education after World War II.
  • Steve Jones is also preparing a collection of LaFollette’s photographs as well that will become part of the same DMR collection.
6. Collection Updates
  • 376th Heavy Bombardment – 6 new videos added, no more new assets remaining
  • Ball State Daily News – 1970-1971 now online but browsing glitch with current version of DMR frontend prevent visibility
  • Student Life Collection – Ready for splash page
  • Burris Collection – QC and collection building in progress
  • Gibson Architectural Drawings – Scanning has started
  • Muncie and Delaware Photo Album Collection – Collection building has started
  • Muncie Matinee Musicale programs – Scanning and initial metadata collection in progress
  • Muncie City Improvement resolutions – Quality checks and scanning in progress
  • Muncie Public Library historic documents – Ledgers need to be QC-ed and added to collection, part of What Middletown Read subcollection
  • Ball State Films and Muncie and Delaware County Films – 257 new assets will be added this month
  • Cecil Madill – Scanning ongoing
  • Vernon Freeman & Farm Bureau records – Scanning ongoing for both
7. Other Business
  • Doug Seefeldt’s Digital History class will be developing a project called the Ball State University History Portal in which students will create University history digital collections/exhibits on specific University history topics.
  • These projects will exist as subcollections within a Ball State University History Portal DMR collection.