Digital Media Repository Working Group Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2013

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In Attendance

Jim Bradley, Ben Brown, Brad Faust, Amanda Hurford, Leslie Nellis, Sharon Roberts, Robert Seaton, John Straw, Blake Stiener

The meeting started around 10:30 a.m.

1. Announcements
  • No announcements
2. Online storage update (Ben)
  • All MADI storage areas have been successfully upgraded. This includes scanning, workbench, and media shares.
  • Total storage capacity has gone from around 12-13 TB to 20 TB.
  • The new server is fully backed up and the oral history share is next in line to be incorporated into the new server.
3. Hard drive/file storage issues (Ben)
  • Archival offline storage hard disks 25, 27, 22, 26, and 28 were all determined to be corrupted after investigating the disks. However, all of the LITS copies are functioning properly. The culprit for the malfunctioning disks appeared to be readers that were not compatible with the disks. LITS will have to recreate the disks and eventually move the files to nearline storage for archival use. Nearline has room to accommodate the massive amount of files that will need to be transferred, and if it runs out, it also has room for growth/expansion.
4. DMR export for Summon (Robert)
  • Robert has sent an XML export to Serials Solutions to test for Summon compatibility. Once they have figured out how to format it they will let him know and he can send them monthly exports in the exact same format. We are waiting for them to tell us that the tags/format we used will work for them or if they require any changes before they can move on.
5. Collection alias fix (Robert)
  • Five collections (art history, architecture images, CIA maps, covered bridges, WWII historic films) have been identified as having aliases that are too long. The names will be shortened by dropping vowels. New collections will be created, the existing content will be transferred over, the old collections will be deleted, and an auto-redirect will be implemented to point users to the new collections even though they may have the old pathway/link stored on their computer. The fix will not require a significant amount of down time but collection building needs to be halted while the fix is being implemented. This is not a problem from a MADI perspective.

6. Ball State History Digital Portal Collection update
  • Doug Seefeldt approved of the few demonstration items that have been added to the collection. He requested a few revisions which MADI has implemented.
  • A few more items have been identified for inclusion in the project. MADI is adding them to CONTENTdm and Mike will begin working on the Beneficence Press portion of the project.
  • Once complete, Doug Seefeldt will review.
  • Some problems with the collection were noted:
    • The compound object record has solid metadata, but the page level student records are lacking on many levels.
    • Preserving the student’s metadata is time consuming, and is introducing substandard page-level metadata into the DMR search engine.
    • Before this process/project is repeated in the spring semester, it is imperative that there be better communication about the assignment specifics and deliverables.
7. Sheet music digitization
  • Collection building will commence one box at a time. ProblemThe music is not cataloged. CAMS will create records for the items rather than establishing the collection with minimal metadata records. Metadata can then be exported for use in CONTENTdm. Questions and concerns about copyright will to be addressed.
8. Dick Greene articles update
  • Collection building is starting with CAMS collapsing the existing database creating a one to one ratio in terms of one line of information per scanned article.
  • LITS will connect the Archives City Directory searching to MADI and CAMS workstations to assist with metadata creation.
  • The data will be normalized for everything before 1950 (and other decades as they become available) and then collection building may begin on MADI’s end.
9. Films and audio update
  • Bader/Nyce cassette tape digitization is the only audio we are currently capturing. Other audio projects contain digitized files that are undergoing edits.
  • Muncie Central Films have all been captured and converted to viewable files for archival review.
  • Ball State University Video Formats Digitization continues. We are currently capturing VHS and U-matic (when the player is working) formats. Beta tapes have all been digitized.
  • We currently have one functioning U-matic player for capture, another partial player for fast forwarding and rewinding, and one on order.
10. New collections for digitization (Leslie)
  • American Red Cross, Muncie Chapter records and photographs: contains 49 scrapbooks, a cubic foot of records and photographs. Photograph selection is about halfway complete.
  • Everett W. Ferrill papers: Contains two scrapbooks (food surplus program and united auto workers union)
  • Altrusa Club records: We are still waiting to hear back from them (attending a conference in New Zealand). Some materials have already been identified for digitization; they are waiting for approval before they look for more. Archives may become the international archive for the world organization.
11. Collections update (Jim)
  • Collections for August: Muncie Matinee Musicale (551 records / 2,505 items) and Delaware County Poor Relief Records, 1850 – 1897 (approx.. 2,200 records)


    • Ball State University Campus Photographs – Photo negatives: Collection building of box 4 in complete. Scanning of Box 5 in progress. Marie Fraser slides: Scanning completed. Collection building of Box 7 commenced. QC for all boxes completed
    • Franklin, Grady Photographs: 1982 and 1983 negative selections from Grady uploaded. (expanded existing collection by 50 or so?) Archives will be giving us slides to scan soon. CONTINUING
    • Freeman, Vernon Family Papers and Photographs: Collection building in progress. CONTINUING
    • Indiana Architectural Drawings Collections Added 15 new projects to the collection. CONTINUING
    • Muncie Civic Theatre Collection: Collection building of additional 3 boxes of content complete. CONTINUING
    • Everything else – “In Progress”, can give specifics as needed.
12. Other business
  • Indiana Artisan Archive – After their board meets, they will decide what we can digitize for a collection.
  • DMR is the American Libraries Direct choice for Digital Library of the Week.
  • Public Interface Group needs to assemble and discuss how we can implement a “featured collection” spot on the home page by using New York Heritage ( as an example.

The meeting concluded around 11:45 a.m.