Digital Media Repository Working Group Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2012

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1. Announcements
  • DMR Crossed 400,000 item barrier.
  • Everything the Teleplex records, they are going to send to the Archives on DVD, and they will put it in MediaSite.
    • Might be able to have Teleplex supply a form with the DVD.
    • Anticipate that all videos will go into the DMR.
2. Digital Collection Gateway
  • LITS and MADI can move forward with the technical aspect but hold off discussion of which collections should or should not be shared for a future meeting.
3. Video and audio assets with music update
  • Progress
    • CAP Lecture series is back online with 49 of 50 audio files online – 35 of which have been edited to remove content identified by Archives. (One of the files was a musical performance in its entirety and will not be reloaded.)
    • Editing of the UAR, Crowder, and other audio assets started last week.
    • Editing of UniverCity and other video collections began this week.
  • BSU Student Film Collection
    • Too many problems
    • MADI will disable the MediaSite videos
    • Archives will remove the collection splash page, A-Z list, etc.
    • LITS will un-publish the collection in the DMR
  • Commencement videos – Many problems.
    • If Teleplex filmed these, then we may not need to make any edits.
    • Moving forward with edits to see how many we can retain
    • John will check with Fritz to see if graduation march (“Pomp and Circumstance”) is legal to keep.
  • Others possible problems
    • Edits in audio/video might throw the time-stamps in the transcript off – so the PDF transcripts will need to be changed and reloaded.
    • As items are removed, MADI should notify CAMS to have URLs removed from existing cataloging records.
4. Historic Textbooks Collection
  • We will begin collection building within the next couple of weeks.
5. Handling copyright issues going forward
  • Send it to Fritz. Then, if you think you are on firm ground, cross your fingers and run with it.
6. Student Book Art Collection
  • Will do a pilot collection to explore how we can photograph or show the books.
  • Discussion of larger concern about copyright of student work.
    • Jim Bradley will approach the Art Department for their opinion.
7. Kris Frederick’s Ball State Photographs
  • BSU Alumnus
  • History of the Art Department and campus in general
  • Photos 1967-1970
  • Was the photographer for the Art Dept., we will put in buildings and public shots, but portraits and individual shots we will hold unless we get permissions from the individuals portrayed.
  • TIFFs (Unedited and Edited), and JPGs scans
  • Sending examples - If his files are good, we could perhaps work from those – if not we can pursue obtaining the originals to digitize them in-house.
8. Collections update
    • 138 DMR Collections (increase of 2)
    • 388 Archival Collections
    • 133,063 Records (increase of 1,523)
    • 405,349 Items (increase of 6,323)
  • Completed and live:
    • Kirkpatrick, J. Walter of the Institute of Gerontology: Collection building completed. Collection is live. (134 records / 1,683 items) COMPLETE
    • Provost’s Lecture Series: Collection made live. (33 records / 685 items) COMPLETE
    • Ball State University Oral Histories: LIVE.
    • Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County Collection: LIVE.
  • In-Progress:
    • Architecture Image Collection: - 900-1,000 new records should go in this week. CONTINUING
    • Architecture Rare Books (from Amy): 7 new volumes have been added to the Architecture Rare Books collection. CONTINUING
    • Ball State University Campus Photographs –. CONTINUING
    • Ball State University Daily News –CONTINUING.
    • Ball State University Historic Films and Videos—Uploaded 14 new videos to the collection. CONTINUING
    • Muncie and Delaware County Films- 102 additional videos added to the collection. CONTINUING
    • Ball State University Student Life Collection: -CONTINUING
    • Burris Laboratory School: Scanning underway. CONTINUING
    • Children’s Playhouse Theatre Collection: Collection building - CONTINUING
    • Demotte Scrapbooks: Scanning complete. Ready for QC. CONTINUING
    • Delaware County Public Schools (Directories): Scanning and file organization commenced. NEW
    • Franklin, Grady Photographs: - CONTINUING
    • Fraternal Orders Collection: Scanning, OCR, and optimization commenced and completed this week. Collection building will commence shortly. NEW
    • Heinen, Ken Photographs (1968 Poor People’s Campaign) - This is a small collection of digital files provided by Archives (the prints were prints previously on exhibit). Collection building commenced. NEW
    • Johnson and Miller Architectural Records:. CONTINUING
    • Kibele and Garrard Architectural Drawings: QC and collection building continued. CONTINUING
    • Marsh Ryan Photographs: Access Files created. CONTINUING
    • Muncie Civic Theatre Scrapbooks: - CONTINUING
    • Muncie Public Library Historic Documents: 9 ledgers/items Scanning completed. CONTINUING
    • Official Weather Observers Record: Scanning has commenced. CONTINUING
    • University Archives Recordings: Uploaded and live. 30 records/items. 24 files are ready to go into the “watch” folder for audio link creation. Audio containing any music is currently being edited. CONTINUING
9. Other business
  • Archives beginning a review of projects to target and prioritize for the next FY.
  • Audio: Archives has a number of how many reel-to-reel tapes they have. It is under 400. Determining if we want to outsource this or do in house.
  • Archives is discovering more VHS holdings than were previously thought.