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Collection Name
Ball State University Campus Maps
Artifact Type(s)
Maps of campus
Item Count
41 total items, 31 (85 images) done as additions
Contact Person (MADI)
Jonathan Brinley, Melanie Davis
Contact Person (ASC)
Carolyn Runyon


Date Additions Started
February 2009
Date Additions Completed
February 2009
DMR Collection Created
August 25, 2008
Additions added


Scan Settings

  • 300dpi
  • 24 bit
  • Full color


  • Scan the page, saving the TIFF file in the appropriate issue's folder in "BSU_Campus_Maps\TIFFs_In"
  • All pages should be cropped to the size of the page, retaining all text and margins, and rotated to the proper orientation

File Naming

Each map should have its own folder. Name the folder "BCM" followed by a three digit number. Just start the numbering at "001" and go up from there, as there is no number currently associated with each map.

Within each folder, give each image a number, using two digits, starting with 01, then label the page as either "Front" or "Back" if it's only one sheet, or "Page-1", "Page-2", "Page-3", etc., if there are multiple pages. Use the following pattern:

    Folder Name
+   hyphen (-)
+   2-digit page order
+   underscore (_)
+   page label
+   file type (.tif)

Example (single sheet):


Example (multiple pages):