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Caleb Mosier

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Table of Contents

Across and Beyond: The Semantics of Transgender Identity
Gunnar Lund, Boston College

Science: A Greatest Integer Function–A Punctuated, Cumulative Approach to the Inquisitive Nature of Science
Kristianne C. Anor, York University, CAN

Descriptions of Scientific Revolutions: Rorty’s Failure at Redescribing Scientific Progress
Kyle Cavagnini, University of North Carolina

Kept Down By the Man, Damn the Man: The Figurative and Literal Alienation of Women
Amanda Frankel, Seton Hall University

Understanding Thomas Reid
Garrett Allen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Principle of Implicit Ignorance
Phillip Curtsmith, Western Connecticut State University

The Truth of the Matter: A Defense of Critical Thinking as the Principle Aim of Education
Vincent Charles Sawaya, Michigan State University

To Gay, or Not To Gay?
Debra Bellamy, Goucher College

Finite in Infinity: Spinoza’s Conception of Human Freedom Explained Through His Metaphysics
Hannah Laurens, Birkbeck College, UK

Elegy to Narcissus
Peter Antich, University of Dallas

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