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Chris Hoover

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Table of Contents

The Principle of Sufficient Reason and Free Will
Blake McAllister, Pepperdine University

Possibility, Novelty, and Creativity
Alex Haitos, Lehigh University

Population Control: Financial Incentives, Freedom, and the Question of Coercion
Alicia M.R. Donner, Creighton University

Weighing Solutions to the Lottery Puzzle
Mark Bowker, University of St. Andrews

The Strength of Relationships
Said Salliant, Rutgers

Relational Obligations: Defending a Non-Voluntarist Argument for Special Responsibilities
Thomas Jared Farmer, University of Illinois-Springfield

The Skeptic's Language Game: Does Sextus Empiricus Violate Normal Language Use
Kyle Shaffer, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

A Substantive Revision to Firth's Ideal Observer Theory
Nancy Rankin, Austin Peay State Univeristy

If Nietzsche Only Knew
Jared Lincourt, SUNY Fredonia