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Cassandra Reed

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Table of Contents

The Skeptic's Guide to the Genealogy
Benjamin Holvey, Case Western Reserve University

Generation Lobotomy: Kinase Inhibition Therapy, Memory Erasure and Identity Loss
Amanda Anais Ruiz, Westminster College

Visualizing a Critical Mixed-Race Theory
Desiree Valentine, Marquette University

Rethinking the Binary of Pure Objectivity and Relativistic Chaos
Jason Huber, Case Western Reserve University

The Environmental Crises: Why We Need Anthropocentrism
Beth Mendenhall, Kansas State University

A Consistent Consolation: True Happiness in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy
Allison Glasscock, Western Oregon University

The Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Theory
Marc Anthony Parker, Birmingham-Southern College Alabama

What (Doesn't) Make an Heroic Act?
Jonathan Payton, York University

Morality with an Accent
Douglas Romney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A Doctor and a Scholar: Rethinking the Philosophic Significance of Eryximachus in the Symposium
Ronald Ross, Wittenberg University

A Metaphysics for Mathematical and Structural Realism
Adam InTae Gerard, Iowa State University