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Kristen Ruhl
2008 Staff

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Table of Contents

A Critical Discussion of Sartre on Love
Chris Stevens, University of Warwick

Descriptions of God: A Critique of Anselm's Ontological Argument
John Woodlee, Mercer University

Where Claxton Falls Short: The Illusions of Consumption Addiction
Joshua Savage, Ball State University

The Foundations of Knowledge in Aristotle and Epicurus: A Comparative Analysis
Wesley C. Dempster, University of Arizona

Motion and Rest from a Chinese Buddhist Perspective
Caroline Sluyter, Smith College

Heidegger and Social Ecology
Daniel Cole, Ball State University

Wittgenstein's Account of Rule-Following and Its Implications
Jonathan Langseth, University of Maine

To What Extent is Experience Like Belief?
Sam Hawke, University of Warwick

The Politics of Epistemology
Cassandra Reed, Ball State University

"Utilitarianism," MP3