Compliance with the TEACH Act (Section 110(2) of the U.S. Copyright Law)

The following requested information is necessary in order to meet the requirements placed upon distance educators by The T.E.A.C.H. Act. This information will be used to make an analysis for the "mediated instructional activities" exemption as defined by The T.E.A.C.H. Act.

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Transmitted clips or "reasonable and limited portions" are allowable under prescribed conditions of the TEACH Act. In order to determine whether or not the request meets the requirements of the TEACH Act, the University Copyright Office requires the following information about the copyrighted material(s).
Please provide title and complete credits of the DVD or VHS * (use N/A if not applicable)
The ownership of the material must be legal copy owned by either Bracken, your department, or a personal copy. Please indicate who owns the DVD or VHS or if this is a University Libraries video, please provide the complete call number. * (use N/A if not applicable)
Please provide the exact timing(s) on the DVD or VHS to be transmitted and/or the approximate total time(s) of the clip(s). For example, Clip = 13'07' to 15'00', Total = 1'53". * (use N/A if not applicable)

The TEACH Act has requirements that distance education instructors must meet in order to legally transmit copyrighted materials. Please answer the questions below. These answers will assist the University Copyright Center in determining a TEACH Act exemption for your distance education class.
Please confirm that the clips or "reasonable and limited portions" listed above are EXACTLY what you would use if you were teaching the same face-to-face course: *
Please confirm that you will show any and all credits as part of the transmission of the clips or "reasonable and limited portions" of the video. *
Please go to this page and scroll down to and read THE INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS [skip the Institutional and Technological Requirements] and confirm that you have read the TEACH ACT INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS and that you will comply with them. *
Please confirm the Instructor of Record has made a diligent, reasonable effort to verify the lawfulness of external Internet links if used in the course.*
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