Joining the CTE iStudio Blackboard XT Community

For Ball State students, staff, and faculty who already have active Ball State accounts, jump to the community signup section below. For teachers without a Ball State network account, you need to create an account using the XT community signup page,

On that page as shown below, you'll see a link to Create your user account:

You'll be prompted to enter you name, an active email account, and a password of your own choosing. Then choose Create Account.

Signing up for a Blackboard XT Community

Once you have created your Blackboard XT account, or if you have a Ball State network account, you are ready to join the CTE iStudio community. In the XT community signup page, click on link that says Signup for an External (XT) Community. Make sure to click the link for the type of account that you have. Enter your username and password if prompted. You'll see the following prompt for community:

Select CTE including iStudio and IDEA from the pull-down menu and choose Signup.

You will receive a confirmation page that informs you that the signup was successful and the system will be updated between 6:00 - 8:00 AM the next day.