The CTE iStudio serves the missions of the CTE and Teachers College in the following areas:

Immersion Services
  • Faculty, staff and K-12 schools can engage the iStudio to support immersive learning projects.

Support Services
  • Walk-in support for anyone who comes to the iStudio seeking assistance on a technology supported by the iStudio
  • Online and phone support for a technology or initiative supported by the CTE or iStudio
  • Onsite (classroom, office or school) support for projects sponsored by the CTE or iStudio (request a project)

Infusion Services
  • Students can use the iStudio to explore digital media and educational computing in support of their teacher education courses.
  • iStudio staff will provide training and assistance with RapidWeaver, rGrade, and other technologies supported by the iStudio. These services may be offered in concert with the Portfolio Lab or TechTrain.
  • Faculty can reserve the iStudio for course instruction that requires the unique technology set of the iStudio.
  • Faculty can request professional services that help catalyze technology integration into their teaching.

Media Production Services
The iStudio is designed to help students and faculty discover, integrate, and produce digital media for teaching and learning. Our services include:
  • Pre- and post-production of digital content with video and/or audio formats (suitable for course content or iTunes U).
  • Basic production design for digital content using new and archive video/audio/multimedia, including PowerPoint and Keynote.
  • Mid-level videography services (single- and two-camera, non-switched recording with floating pan head tripods).
  • Mid-level audio recording (up to 8-track mixing).
  • Mid-level web design, including RapidWeaver and Dreamweaver.

See the current initiatives of the iStudio. See the project request form to initiate a consulting question or project with the iStudio staff.