Professional Staff
  • Dr. Matthew Stuve created the iStudio and directs it as a part of the CTE.
  • Dr. Michael Modesitt directs technology in Teachers College. We collaborate extensively with Dr. Modesitt on the internal missions of the CTE and iStudio.
Staff for 2011-12:
All students support the walk-in patrons of the iStudio.
  • Laura is a masters student in Curriculum and Educational Technology. Her main role is to support the outreach projects of the CTE, which includes the EPIC project and the Woodrow Wilson initiative.
  • Erica is a masters student in elementary education. Her main role is to conduct training and support of classroom teaching and interactive learning technologies.
  • Joseph is a doctoral student in English. His main role is to support the CTE’s research partnership with an externally funded project in CICS and to develop digital content.
  • Jacob is a master student in Digital Storytelling. His role is to direct and produce digital video.
  • Melissa is an undergraduate student pursuing an educational technology minor. Her role is coordination of iStudio and iClassroom services
  • Sarah is a masters student in audiology and speech pathology. Her role is administrative support.

  • iCare Corner provides complementary hardware support services
  • The Portfolio Lab provides complementary portfolio services.
  • Ball State Indianapolis Center