The iStudio Interactive initiative is designed to promote interactive technologies for teacher education and outreach to schools. In partnership with the iCare Corner, the iStudio offers the following services:

• In-class or iStudio demonstrations of SmartBoards and other interactive technologies
• Walk-in, on-demand training and access during open studio hours (see side bar)
• Plan interactive technologies for school projects.

Technical Support in Teachers College
  • For the wall-mounted SmartBoards in Teachers College, contact the iCare Corner for technical support.
  • For the mobile SmartBoards in Elementary Education, the iStudio will continue to offer technical support. Call us at 5-7600 or email us at
  • For the other interactive technologies that are part of the CTE iStudio’s Interactive mission, the iStudio is your support contact.

Outreach to Schools
The CTE promotes and encourages use of these technologies for immersive learning projects in schools. In teacher education, this includes practicum and student teaching classes. Contact the iStudio for assistant with planning these projects.

Grant Writing
The principals of the CTE have earned over $6M in external grants. We can be helpful in developing demonstrations of interactive technologies in schools that can help brainstorm for grant proposals.