A Decade of Technology Leadership

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For ten years, the iStudio has fulfilled a unique role in Teachers College. Starting as the PT3 Media Studio in 2001, the iStudio was the first wireless lab on campus and introduced digital video and digital portfolios to teacher education. As the EDTEC Media Studio from 2003-2007, the iStudio helped to launch the new academic programs in educational technology. With the re-launch of the CTE in 2008, the iStudio became its “discovery hub” for strategic initiatives in emerging media and learning technologies.

A College-Wide Resource

The “I” in iStudio stands for Interaction, Immersion, and Innovation. Combining this spirit with its professional and technological resources, the iStudio welcomes all students to explore emerging technologies in sustained inquiry with peers and faculty. This pedagogical foundation of emerging media, in context and with on-demand support, complements all disciplines in Teachers College.