Erica is our virtual GA and “Teacher in Residence” for the CTE. She and the iStudio students provide support for the needs of teachers and teacher-educators. If Erica can’t answer your question, she can mobilize the students and staff of the iStudio to help you.

What can Ask Erica do for you?
  1. Design and conduct presentations to classes and classrooms
  2. Answer quick questions via virtual means (see below).
  3. Facilitate services of the CTE and the iStudio.
  4. Point you to other sources in Teachers College of Ball State that can help you if the CTE iStudio can’t.
  5. Take requests for technology resource development that will go into the CTE Resource Server.

Who does Ask Erica serve?
  • Ball State faculty, staff, and students in Teachers College or affiliated with the initiatives of the CTE iStudio.
  • Educators in Indiana schools who need quick technology resource developed or who would like to engage the services of the CTE.

When is Ask Erica available?
  • Since Ask Erica is a real person with a real life, we need to restrict on contact time to set hours. Beyond those hours, you can always send email to

How do I connect with Ask Erica?
  • Email:
  • IM - Jabber: (Ball State Teachers College users, we recommend the TC iChat Server)
  • IM - AIM & Mobile Me: (note we use iChat or FaceTime, so if you are Macintosh user, you will have more features)
  • Skype: CTEiStudio
  • Webinar: (request an account from