iStudio’s Mission Statement:

To incubate engagement, discovery, and innovation
with emerging media and learning technologies
for pre- and in-service teachers and teacher educators
using an immersive, studio pedagogy
combined with professional services.

The iStudio in relation to CTE and Teachers College:

The iStudio is part of the Center for Technology in Education (CTE) and serves the CTE’s missions both within Teachers College and its outreach activities in K-12 schools. The mission of the iStudio is a subset of the mission of the CTE, which includes supporting technology initiatives in Teachers College. The CTE is under the direction of the Office of the Dean, Teachers College and therefore works in close partnership with the Director of Technology and academic programs that might use the iStudio for teaching and learning purposes that support, ultimately, the common mission of advancing how technology is realized in K-12 schools and teacher practice.

iStudio as Incubator

Beyond serving as a teaching and training space, the iStudio is primarily set up to provide research, development, and exploratory services in advance of regular services that can be scaled up within the College. An example of this is the RapidWeaver initiative, which was explored for two years in the iStudio and in EDTEC courses before being launched as the required portfolio platform for all of teacher education. The iStudio presently maintains the RapidWeaver support site in concert with the Portfolio Lab while the Portfolio Lab assumes the front-line support to students.

Who can use the iStudio?

Anyone in teacher education, Teachers College, or affiliated with one or more CTE’s iStudio initiatives.

How can you get engaged in the CTE iStudio missions?

In addition to the scheduled events and workshops, come on by the iStudio during open hours. It is meant to be a place where anyone can tinker with new technologies and engage professional and pre-professional technologists in exploration and development. Anyone can request services of the iStudio and the missions of the CTE are inclusive of everyone. Opportunities currently exist for faculty and students to contribute to the professional services and academic opportunities of the CTE, whether they are within the iStudio, Teachers College, or in K-12 schools. Contact us for more information.

Some History:

The iStudio was created by Dr. Matthew Stuve in 2001 an outcome of the PT3 project (1999-2003) to support technology infusion in the teacher education program. With the creation of the EDTEC programs in 2002-03 (also a byproduct of the PT3 project), the PT3 Media Studio became the EDTEC Media Studio in order to emphasize the new programs. In the Summer of 2007, we changed the name to the iStudio to recognize the studio's immersive learning capacities and to support the iTunes U initiative which brought new funding to the studio. In the Fall of 2008, the iStudio become part of the CTE to support its missions, which are congruent to everything that came before it (PT3, EDTEC, CTT, etc.).