The iStudio Staff supports anyone in teacher education or Teachers College who walks in to the iStudio with their emerging media requests that we can facilitate during your visit. For additional services and equipment use beyond your visit, we request that you complete a project request. The following is a list of currently supported initiatives. Add your project to the list!

Technology Infusion Projects:

Immersive Learning Projects:
  • IDEA (EDEL 445 and EDTEC 360; request to join on the IDEA web site)
  • *Muncie Inquiry Semester

Research, Development, and Outreach Projects:

Specialized Technologies:
  • *rGrade
  • QuestionPress
  • *Inspiration
  • RapidWeaver
  • WordPress (CTE’s eSpace Server)

Students in courses regularly scheduled in the iStudio. Most recently, they are:
  • EDTEC 470
  • EDTEC 352
  • EDPSY 699
  • EDPSY 345

Other Recently Sponsored or Supported Initiatives:
  • *Educational Psychology Portal Development
  • *Special Education Digital Media

* Projects and initiatives that have associated funding, in-kind contributions, or royalties to the CTE and/or Ball State.