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Check out some of Indiana’s most interesting people and places – from the transcontinental cyclists of Upland, to the Anderson folks working with retired racehorses, the Corn-Fed Derby Dames and the people of Muncie’s historic neighborhoods.

Each week we introduce you to some of the people making a difference and find the fun things to see and do across the region. Join us each Friday at 6:30 p.m. after the news and Sundays at 3:00 p.m.

Host John Strauss is a college journalism instructor and longtime Indiana reporter who likes finding stories off the beaten path. He’s a former AP correspondent and editor in Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and New York City, whose last professional assignment was with The Indianapolis Star as a digital-news and weekend city editor. John now teaches journalism at Ball State University and serves as adviser to the student-run Daily News.

To submit story ideas or comments about the program, contact John Strauss at jcstrauss@bsu.edu.

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“Maker Districts” | 04.11.14

Indiana Weekend


Maker Districts – The newest idea in economic development isn’t about luring big factories. In downtown Muncie, it’s the idea of helping “Maker Districts” form in neighborhoods for people who make things to live and work. We talk with Brian Hollars, an architect who helped organize the recent Muncie Maker District Symposium, about his vision for the city’s downtown.
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