50th Anniversary Indiana Public Radio

The auction artwork from our 50th Anniversary Event was also presented in our IPR 2011 calendar. Each month, an artist will be highlighted from the calendar.

COVER Paul Laseau: "Coming Storm"

JANUARY Carol Strock-Wasson: "Winter Creek"

FEBRUARY Margie Prim: "Pink Reminder"

MARCH David Dale: "In Time of Iron Weed"

APRIL Brian Gordy: "King of the Rock"

MAY Patrick Kluesner: "The Anderson"

JUNE M.K. Watkins: "Waves of Information"

JULY Jim Faulkner: "Welcome to Muncie II"

AUGUST Pamela deMarris: "Female at River Glen"

SEPTEMBER Alan Patrick: "The Purple Beech"

OCTOBER Lynette Waters-Whitesell: "Surrounded"

NOVEMBER Sarojini Johnson: "Fox and Datura"

DECEMBER David Slonim: "Bright Morning"

JANUARY '12 Jim Davis: "Cat Before a Mirror"