50th Anniversary Indiana Public Radio
December 2011

David Slonim
"Bright Morning "


David Slonim is an artist and children's author/illustrator. His paintings are based on observation and memory of everyday subjects, often exploring the line between representation and abstraction. He draws inspiration from a wide variety of masters, including Cezanne, Diebenkorn, Wyeth, Degas, and Levitan. Slonim's award-winning children's books are available at online and traditional booksellers.

Slonim earned a bachelor's degree in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 1988). For ten years he created images for clients like Reader's Digest, IBM, UPS, Tony's Frozen Pizza, and T.G.I.Fridays. Between freelance illustration jobs, he began to paint in oils, turning to fine art in 1998. He regularly speaks to students grades elementary through high schools, universities and adult audiences and teaches oil painting workshops in various locations nationally.

Artist Statement:
Andrew Wyeth said, "One's art goes only as far and as deep as one's love goes." I have found that art not only expresses the depth of an artist's love, it also develops it. An artist's job is to stop and stare - to allow yourself to be captivated by beauty in ordinary, everyday things. It may be light falling across a cornfield, the gesture of a child at play, or the shape made by a shadow on a wall - inspiration calls out from unexpected places all the time. The key is to pay attention to those moments, trust the impulse to lose yourself in the colors, shapes and textures, and to simply say "Thank you," with a brush in hand.