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Paul Laseau
"Coming Storm "


Paul Laseau is a Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Ball State, an illustrator and author of several books on visual communication.  His work has been shown at several universities, including Ball State University, and also at Gordy Fine Art Gallery. Laseau's works have been included in numerous juried shows throughout east central Indiana.

Laseau began painting in watercolor media on a 1992 trip to the Greek islands, inspired by the delicate but vibrant colors of the coastal villages. His observational skills have been developed over 35 years of experience with freehand sketching and photography of mostly architectural subjects. Based on subsequent travels to the Mediterranean, Europe, the Maritime Provinces, and New England he continues to use architectural subjects as the dominant focus of his work.

Artist Statement:
Like many artists, I was drawn to watercolor because the medium supports a fluid, spontaneous approach to painting. I suppose it's a question of comfort level, given my temperament. While my approach to painting involves some forethought or planning, there is a pleasurable flow to the work that would be ruined by extended 'masaging' of a painting. For me the value of painting lies more in the act of painting than in the end result.

Typically I am completely absorbed in contemplating the subject of a painting. I continue to be fascinated by the historical response of humans to the forces of nature— land, water, sun...as they continue to define appropriate human habitat. Traditional porches and barns as well as coastal towns and harbors provide particularly vibrant subjects.