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Global careers advice presented by BSU alumna

Pam Abduaziz
Ray Montagno, Associate Dean for Research & Outreach, with Pam Abdulaziz.

How do you get from an internship in Ft. Wayne to a regional sales manager post in Dubai?

Miller College of Business students were given first-hand advice on global career advancement from Pamela Abdulaziz, a 1983 marketing graduate of Ball State University.

Abdulaziz visited Ball State University November 14-15 2006, meeting with sales and entrepreneurship students and giving a lively interactive talk entitled "Launching Your Career in a Global Marketplace."

Abdulaziz gave credit to Dr. Joanna Wallace, a longtime university staff member, for key mentoring during her student days at Ball State. She also noted the role her multicultural family has played in helping her recognize the importance of curiosity and flexibility career advancement. Her husband's family, originally from Nablus, is spread from Jordan to Europe.

As a decision-maker in hiring, Abdulaziz noted she places high value on personal references as well as the candidate's personality. "Don't bad mouth others and be optimistic", she recommended. The quality of being "humbly successful", exemplified by such entrepreneurs as Michael S. Dell, is highly valued as well.

Abdulaziz has purposely sought out assignments to broaden her knowledge of corporate finance and marketing. Her next assignnment, in Dubai with Dell Corporation, will help fulfill her desire to work abroad for an extended period. She looks forward; too, to reducing the commuter time she and her husband, a pilot for Emirates Airlines, spend apart from their three children.

Abdulaziz ended her presentation stressing the importance of integrity, honesty and trust in the work place. Her closing advice to be successful in a global career was to "be committed to excellence".

  No more credible a source could have stressed this point than global professional and Ball State alumna Pamela Abdulaziz

Pam Abdulaziz
Pam Abdulaziz, a 1983 marketing graduate of Ball State University, visited the campus on November 14-15, 2006.