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EXEL-O/EDELO alumni gather at Homecoming

Memories of the first EXEL-O program to England
Memories of the first EXEL-O program to England in 1972 are shared by (L -R) Beth Adams, Lynne Kem, Dr. Richard Alexander and Barbara Sorgius.

Memories of practice teaching in England were recalled at a joyous reunion of EXEL-O and EDEL-O program alumni in Muncie, October 20/21, 2006.

Participants represented the entire span of the program's history, from 1972 to 2006.

The twenty participants included not only program alumni but also one set of parents and former faculty leaders Dr. Conrad Lane, Dr. Betty Pogue Hadley, Dr. Richard Alexander and Dr. Scott Popplewell.

Three members of the original EXEL-O group in 1972 – Barb Sorgius, Lynne Kem and Beth Adams – were especially pleased to be reunited with their group leader, Dr. Alexander. Students in that group held their last reunion in Muncie in 1995. Dr. Betty Pogue reported the students in her group held their own reunion at the Pogue home in Muncie several years ago.

1975 alumna Diane Buttry Burkhart and her husband and fellow BSU graduate Wendell, traveled from Evansville, IN to take part in the reunion. Like others, they expressed great interest in learning about the status of the program today.

A participant in the summer 2006 program, elementary education major Meredith Dalenburg, provided a very positive report on her personal experiences in the program. Her parents, who also attended, spoke highly of the excellent organization and reassuring efforts of program director Dr. Scott Popplewell.

Plans are underway now to hold an EXEL-O EDEL-O reunion again at Homecoming October 13/14, 2007.