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BSU Xiaoyou where are you?

Pictured outside the Alumni Center
Pictured outside the Alumni Center are four officers of the Chinese Student Association. (back row, L-R) Chaochen You, Ma Lin; (front row, L-R) Qing Liao, Huashi Shao.

Establising contact with Ball State's Chinese alumni (xiaoyou) is a major goal of this year's Chinese Student Association (CSA) officers.

Lin Ma, a graduate student in the Miller College of Business, is the current CSA president .  Lin and several CSA officers began meeting in September with Martin Limbird as they made plans for the year. "We see many advantages to encouraging closer contact between our members and alumni from China.,"said Ma.

Limbird noted that most Chinese alumni from BSU had U.S.adresses. "By cooperating with the CSA and their interest in networking with these alumni, mutual benefit will result."

Initial contact with the first Chinese graduate of Ball State confirmed this assumption.

Massacnhusetts resident Ming-Yang Chiang, who received his compter science graduate degree in 1983, made this kind offer: "I shall do my best to acclimate the newcomers with the rich American academic soil".

As a first step, the CSA is developing a club website with a link of special interest to alumni from China.