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Berlin was the site of the most recent Ball State gathering of alumni and friends abroad.

Berlin was the site of the most recent Ball State gathering of alumni and friends abroad.
l to r: Melissa Cosby-Fischbeck, Martin Limbird, Andrea Henrion, Mary Catherine Limbird, Diana Shaffrannek, Ufuk Ebcinoglu, Sebastian Mayer, Anita Pidun, Uwe Pidun, Christina Limbird

Berlin was the site of the most recent Ball State gathering of alumni and friends abroad. The gathering was held March 5, 2003 at Braams, a newly opened Brauhaus in the Kreuzberg district.

The legacy of professor Uwe Koehler was evident, with many of those participating being trained architects. Koehler founded the Ball State exchange with the Technical University of Berlin and was its guiding force until his death in 1999.  Professor Wes Janz is now Ball State’s coordinator of the exchange.

Architect Andrea Henrion MAR ‘98 took her first hours away from her four-week-old daughter to join in the event. She is expanding her professional work to include furniture design. Examples can be seen at  Diana (Nash) Schaffrannek  ’92 also took a night off from her children to participate. Her role with Foster and Partners in Berlin includes both information systems management and traditional architectural work.  Melissa Cosby-Fischbeck ’96 is enjoying her new post as a representative of AYUSA, a youth exchange program; her husband Hauke Fischbeck MAR’94 sent good wishes to the gathering from his temporary assignment in Cologne with the Boston Consulting Group. Also sending his regrets was Peter-Max Mueller MAR’93, who was in London as a part of his doctoral studies. He is with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Berlin.

Sebastian Mayer, who was a non-degree student at Ball State in 1996, is teaching in Berlin while completing his doctorate at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. He sends his best regards to Friendship Family host Wanda Resler. Anita J. Pidun ’73 is applying her medical technology training in the quality assurance department of Schering A.G.  Anita’s husband Uwe joined the group, relating how he met his wife in Muncie while visiting an American friend who lived in Selma. Marcus Vogel MAR’97 has moved his architectural practice from Hamburg to Berlin, but is currently overseeing a multi-professional team developing a major architectural project in Frankfurt. Marcus’s doctoral thesis at the TU-Berlin examined Hackescher Hof, one of Berlin’s most interesting neighborhoods.

Joining Martin Limbird in hosting the gathering were his Berlin-based daughter Christina, her husband Ufuk Ebcinoglu and Mary Catherine Limbird. Both Christina and Mary Catherine had attended previous alumni gatherings in Germany, including Mainz, Berlin, Bonn and Munich.

Berlin is increasingly a prime destination for holiday and convention travel, making it a likely spot for a future gathering of Ball State alumni and friends in the future.