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Noted Cookbook author returns to Muncie

(left to right); Martin Schwartz, Helen Schwartz, Mary M. Miller, Angela Chang, Walter Miller.
(left to right); Martin Schwartz, Helen Schwartz, Mary M. Miller, Angela Chang, Walter Miller.

Angela (Tan) Chang got much more than a masters degree in English from her years in Muncie; her experimenting with home cooking in Indiana has led her to become a noted cookbook author.

Thanks to the culinary curiosity of her host family Martin and Helen Schwartz, the 1968 graduate introduced the Schwartz’s to tasty recipes from her native China. Gaining confidence and experience, Angela gradually left teaching English as a Second Language to write cookbooks designed for home preparation of Chinese style dishes. Her recipes make Chinese cooking accessible to the American family kitchen.

Angela’s tribute to her host family and to Ball State were mentioned in her second book, “Chinese Home Entertaining”’ ISBN 957-630-576-4(427) It was this reference which prompted BSU Advancement officials to invite her to visit campus for book signing and cooking demonstrations.  Danners Bookstore and Coffee Shop as well as the Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus both kindly organized these events. Professors Alice Spangler and Judy Lowe encouraged their students to attend the on-campus event to become familiar with Angela’s most recent book, “The Intriguing World of Chinese Home Cooking”’ ISBN 957-0497-37-8

The sentimental return to Muncie resulted in reestablishing ties with former professors such as Dr. Daryl Adrian, friends such as Prof. & Mrs. T.K Chang and meeting longtime friend of foreign students, former librarian Phyllis Harland.  Most exciting was to meet former classmate Mary M. Miller with whom Angela had lost contact many years ago. Though she could not attend, Prof. Janet Ross sent an original essay to recall her contact with Angela over the years.

After leaving Muncie, the Changs continued to Cincinnati for more book signing events before returning to their home in Princeton, New Jersey. For more information about scheduling a book-signing event, contact