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OLÉ Barcelona

Barcelona was the site of recent gatherings of Ball State alumni and friends in Spain.

Meetings were scheduled to coincide with the Rotary International convention June 20-24, 2002.

Jose Ruperez (MS ’96) provided essential help insuring accuracy of mailing addresses for invitations to the nearly two-dozen alumni in Spain.  Mark Schlemmer (BFA/BA 93) made local arrangements and recommended hotels for out-of-town participants. Special thanks are extended to both these fine alumni.

Alumni unable to travel to Barcelona sent regrets from all over Spain, including Zaragoza-based Faith Ann Russert (BA ’80), Jeanette Pelet (MA ’80) from Torremolinos, Sara Maria Torres Outon (MA ’98) from Pontevedra, Alazne Landa (MA ’88) from Vizcayaspai, Dolores Gonzalez Alverez  (ISEP ’88) from Vigo, and Pedro Martin (MBA ’92) from Madrid.

Memories of Ball State were rekindled, including this quote from Pilar Sturla: “I keep telling everybody about my BSU experience as if it had happened only yesterday. It couldn’t have been more positive, beautiful and enriching. I had a very good relationship with Miss (Thelma) Hiatt. I attended the London (alumni) meeting in 1980 and the BSU (alumni) meeting three years later.”