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London Center reflections
Several alumni recently offered comments about the London Centre program: “My 1994 London Centre experience was awesome. I loved London so much, I returned to do my BSU internship in 1997. In 2000 I treated myself to a special birthday gift...a trip to London, of course! The benefits of traveling and studying abroad are world is forever changed. I’m planning another trip to London next year. My favorite travel quote, by Saint Augustine, states it best: ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.’” “The London Centre has played a role in who I am today. I am thankful for that. My son is planning to attend Ball State. I am hoping he will be able to experience life abroad, too.” “It was truly a wonderful experience and very much worth the cost. The professors we had were the best---I still remember all of their names and have great stories that I’ve shared with my son, nieces, and nephews (all of which are/near college age).” “Would I be able to be so passionate about overseas study with my students if I had not studied at the London Centre? Probably not. How fortunate I was to be able to spend the fall quarter of my senior year there and still finish on time to student teach and graduate in May 1977. Oh how fortunate I was to be able to borrow the money (I would do that again) and take the trip of a lifetime.” “A very good experience for all young adults to participate in, whether you are outgoing or sheltered. This will expand your horizons. This was the single most impactful experience I have had in my life.” “I was a little scared of being on my own till I attended the London Centre. After that I realized I could do anything or go anywhere on my own. The world is a beautiful place, and I want to see and experience it.” “I participated in the London Centre the first two quarters it was open. It was a fabulous, unforgettable experience. The program made the subject matter of the courses truly come alive.” “I have been back to Europe three times since then, but I will always remember the first time. The London Centre program was one of the best experiences I had at BSU. The program probably influenced me later when I decided to teach in Australia for two years after graduating from college. And it may have had an influence on our daughter’s decision to study abroad in France for a semester during her college years.” “I tell parents to mortgage the house or do whatever it takes to send college students to study abroad. It is that important to a person’s education.” “My experience was great. Everyone should have the opportunity to have their first international travel experience during the college years. It leads to a lifetime of curiosity about different cultures and a better understanding of same.” “I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable educational and amazing experience! The London Centre program opens many doors for great opportunities. I strongly recommend this program to everyone!” “It was simply amazing. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to come to New York City and succeed in ways that I have if not for my London Center experience.” “My London Centre experience rates among the top on my list of life-changing experiences. I enjoyed the freedom that we had to explore London and the surrounding countries. My fond memories of the trip remain acute even after 22 years.”