Green Committee 2
Fall Semester 2000

Convened by:
Warren Vander Hill, Ph. D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Green Committee 2

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Welcome to the Ball State University Green Committee 2 web site.  The Committee was convened on 28 September 2000 by Dr. Warren Vander Hill and has used the 2000-2001 academic year to engage its mission.  The Committee has issued its final report and will continue to use this web site to post activities and developments flowing from its recommendations. Check back periodically to learn about our progress, as we engage implementation of the Talloires Declaration at Ball State University.

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Green Committee 2 Final Report


Kick-Off Event
Closing Reception

Talloires Declaration
Green-2 Powerpoint Presentation
Green Committee 1 Report
Green Committee 2 Report

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BSU Provost Warren Vanderhill announces the creation of an institutionalized body charged with the continuation of the work of Green Committee 2.  Dr. Vanderhill also appoints two Green 2 committee members to support positions charged with the facilitation of Green 2 initiatives. 

Ball State announces the establishment of the Ball State University Council on the Environment: A University-Wide Clearinghouse for Sustainability Initiatives (BSU/COTE).  Membership in the Council will comprise representation from each of the university's academic colleges and vice presidential areas.  The Council will also include student and Muncie community representation.  This structure will provide a single point-of-access for information regarding activities addressing sustainability campus-wide.
Jim Flowers of Industry and Technology has been appointed "Green Development Specialist."  Operating in concert with the Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Programs, this position will work with students, faculty and staff across campus to develop outside funding requests and program development initiatives flowing out of the recommendations of Green-2.
John Vann of Marketing has been appointed "Green Initiatives Coordinator."  This position will initially help facilitate the implementation of the items of immediate emphasis recommended in the Green Committee 2 Final Report.

The Funders subcommittee of Green2 is asking all BSU faculty to fill out an online survey to provide us with information about funding sources related to Green2 initiatives. This survey (Funding Sources) is online as an InQsit survey.
Please click here to open a new window containing the survey.  Thank you.

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As Ball State University embarks on a new era under the leadership of President Blaine Brownell, an ambitious five-year planning effort is beginning.  The principal goal of Green Committee 2 is to implement the far-reaching objectives of the Talloires Declaration, signed by President John Worthen in 1999, committing Ball State University to move toward becoming a sustainable university.

The membership of Green Committee 2 will include faculty and students from all academic colleges, professional staff from facilities planning, selected administrators, and members of the Muncie Community.  The committee will organize into 9 subcommittees.  Each subcommittee will take as its charge the examination and development of recommendations for the continued management and/or implementation of one of the Talloires tenets.  A final report will be produced before the close of the academic year.

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Talloires Declaration
The Talloires Declaration is a consensus statement authored by 31 university leaders and  international environmental experts representing 15 nations from around the world.  It was developed at the Tufts University European campus at Talloires, France in 1990.  As of the April 1999 date of Ball State University’s signing, the declaration had been signed by over 250 universities worldwide.

A high resolution copy of the text of the Talloires Declaration can be downloaded by clicking below.

    talloires.pdf  (file size= 84 k)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this file. 
To get a free copy of Acrobat Reader, click here

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Green-2 Powerpoint Presentation
This electronic slide presentation in its present and earlier versions has been delivered to various audiences as a briefing on the activities of G2.

To date, versions of the presentation have been delivered to:

  • Ball State Greening of the Campus 4 Conference, Muncie, IN, September 2001
  • Second Nature Regional Workshop, Morgantown, IN,  June 2001
  • Ball State Earth Week Convocation, Muncie, IN, April 2001
  • Ball State University Senate, Muncie, IN,  March 2001
  • Higher Education for Sustainability and the Environment (HENSE), South Padre Island, TX, October 2000
Click below to download the Microsoft Powerpoint file from the most recent presentation.

g2brief.ppt  (file size= 3.2 Meg)

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Green Committee 1 Report
In March 1991, Provost Warren Vander Hill appointed a university level ‘Green’ Committee to examine environmental concerns as related to the University’s educational mandate. The Provost charged the ‘Green’ Committee to formulate recommendations which, if undertaken might “...raise environmental consciousness in our student body, foster conviction in students regarding these issues, and empower them with understandings of how they might channel their awareness effectively to shape the future”.

A high resolution copy of the report generated from this effort can be downloaded by clicking below.

    grnreport1.pdf  (file size= 508 k)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this file. 
To get a free copy of Acrobat Reader, click here

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1. The Publics
Nancy Carlson, Telecommunications
    Subcommittee Chair

Donna Biggs, Burris Glenda Riley, History Ron Bonham, Community
Hugh Brown, NREM Kevin Kenyon, Business Affairs Seth Slabaugh, Community
Eric Davenport, Student Tom Morrell, Biology Gordon Stagge, Community
Kay Hodson-Carlton, Nursing Jim Shasky, Telecommunications Phyllis Yuhas, Community

2. The Universities
Phil Repp,  Art
    Subcommittee Chair

Abel Alves, History Jacquelyn Buckrop, Administration Les Smith, Landscape Architecture
Serena Bodner, Student Michael O'Hara, Theater and Dance Tom Smith, Facilites Planning

3. The Students
Barb Stedman, English
    Subcommittee Chair

Kemuel Badger, Biology Jeff Chicki, Student Andrew Slack, Geography
Michael Bauer, Communication Studies Gary Dodson, Biology Nicole Wolf, Student

4. The Faculties
Thalia Mulvihill, Educational Studies
    Subcommittee Chair

William Bock, Physiology & Health Science Aimee Joyaux, Art George Smith, Landscape Architecture
Charles Jones, Teaching and Learning Tim Lyon, NREM Lina Rosengren, Student

5. The Exemplars
Mike Planton, Facilities Planning
    Subcommittee Chair

Martha Hunt, Landscape Architecture Douglas Naffziger, Management Peter Tallman, Student
Brian Kelley, Computing Services Les Richardson, Facilities Management Liz Vanmatre, Residence Hall Dining Services
Cheryl LeBlanc, Biology Jim Segedy, Urban Planning Don VanMeter, Administration
Jim McClure, Economics Lynn Sousa, Chemistry Ted Wolner, Architecture

6. The Funders
Jim Flowers, Industry & Technology
    Subcommittee Chair

Jeff Grigsby, Geology Tom Lauer, Biology Steve Anderson, Community
Mahfuza Khatun, Physics & Astronomy John Taylor, Student Barry Banks, Community
Kristi Koriath, Research/Sponsored Programs Paul Wohlt, Anthropology

7. The Practitioners
Ray Montagno, Management
    Subcommittee Chair

Thomas Frisbie-Fulton, Facilities Planning John Pichtel, NREM Genny Gordy, Community
Jamey McDaniel, Chemistry Gwen White, Accounting Phil Tevis, Community
Dave Nawrocki, Student John Craddock, Community

8. The Schools
John Motloch, Landscape Architecture
    Subcommittee Chair

Jim Coffin, International Programs Bobby Malone, Educational Leadership Tolulope Olowomeye, Student
Shireen DeSouza, Biology Larry Smith, Elementary Education Amy Kress, Community
Jim Kirkwood, Industry & Technology Nancy Watson, Burris

9. The Organizations
Pedro Pacheco, Student
    Subcommittee Chair

Alfredo Fernandez, Architecture Nihal Perera, Urban Planning Mike Lannoo, Community
Kyama Kabadaki, Sociology Susan Taylor, Libraries Barbara Maves, Community
Gene Frankland, Political Science Holly Truemper, Student
Stan Keil, Economics Brian Gordy, Community

Steering Committee
Robert Koester, CERES
    Committee Co-Chair

Thomas Lowe, University College
    Committee Co-Chair

Nancy Carlson, The Publics Jim Flowers, The Funders Dave Ferguson, Landscape Architecture
Phil Repp, The Universities Ray Montagno, The Practitioners  John Vann, Marketing
Barb Stedman, The Students John Motloch, The Schools Jeff Culp, Web
Thalia Mulvihill, The Faculties Pedro Pacheco, The Organizations
Mike Planton, The Exemplars James Eflin, NREM

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Council on the Environment - Ball State University
Greening of the Campus Conferences - Ball State University
National Wildlife Federation - Campus Ecology Program
The Natural Step - a conceptual framework that has been adopted by various organizations for defining and addressing sustainability issues.
ULSF - University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, Stewards of the Talloires Declaration.
HENSE - Higher Education Network for Sustainability and the Environment - a national network of individuals and organizations from academia, associations, government, non-profits, community interests and business who are working to make education for sustainability and the environment a foundation of higher education learning, research, operations and community outreach, and are seeking to strengthen environmental degree programs.
Second Nature - Education for Sustainability - a Boston-based national organization helping institutions of higher education prepare future professionals for the increasingly complex environmental challenges the nation faces. The organization offers colleges and universities a range of programs, training sessions, one-on-one consulting and online resources to make the integration of environmental sustainability thinking "second nature" to higher education. 
The John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies (The Lyle Center) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, is an interdisciplinary university-based setting for education, demonstration and research in regenerative and sustainable systems.  Click here for more photos of the center.

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Contact Information
For further information concerning the activites of  Green Committee 2 please contact:

Robert Koester, Co-Chair, Green Committee 2
Office of the Director, CERES, AB 018
Ball State University 
Muncie, IN  47306-0170

Phone:    (765) 285-1135
Fax:        (765) 285-5622

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