Elementary Ed - Scholarship Application Form 2014-2015
Please read scholarship descriptions carefully and apply only for those scholarships for which you qualify.

Scholarship descriptions may be found under Current Students on the side bar, then click Scholarships.

PLEASE NOTE: On Scholarship Application Form use the apple key not the ctrl key for adding multiple references. Specific scholarships may be awarded only if funding is available.

Scholarship Deadline:
February 28, 2014
5:00 pm
Questions contact:
Dr. Kathleen Kreamelmeyer
Scholarships  Elementary Education Scholarship
  Helen Green Scholarship
  Elementary Education Overseas Scholarship
  Harvey Memorial Scholarship
  Betty Lee Dickey Goodrick Scholarship
  The Second Effort Scholarship
  R. Ann Williams Scholarship for Single Parents
  Laura M. Schroeder Memorial Scholarship
  Margaret Griner Hoffmann Scholarship
  Everett and Marie Zirkle Scholarship
  Virginia M. Gray Scholarship
  Hallie Conrad Boals Scholarship
  William Jennings Casey Transition to Teaching Scholarship
  Wind Early Childhood Scholarship
  Ann D. (Reutebuch) Ballinger Scholarship
  Mark Murfin Scholarship
  Nellie B. Gantz Scholarship
  Dr. June Irving Scholarship for Early Childhood Education
  Richard and Cinda Hibschman
The Second Effort Scholarship is intended for students who have shown significant improvement.
If applying for Second Effort Scholarship, Please indicate lowest GPA, Year, and Semester.
All applicants must complete the following fields:
First Name
Last Name
Student Identification Number
Campus Address
Summer Address
Graduate Student  Yes
Undergraduate Student  Yes
Major in
Major Concentration Area(s)
Month and Year of Graduation
Semester and Year of Student Teaching
Will you be a full-time student during Fall and Spring Semesters of 2014-15?  Yes
Do you expect to receive financial aid during 2014-15?   Yes
Are you a Resident of Indiana?  Yes
Have you completed a FAFSA form for financial aid for 2014-15?  Yes
List two references from The Department of Elementary Education:
1) Campus Honors, Leadership, and/or Service
2) Community Honors, Leadership, and/or Service at home or in the Muncie Community during college
3) Membership in organizations not listed in 1 or 2 above
4) Description of employment during college years
5) Experiences working with children not listed in 1, 2 or 4 above
6) Other responsibilities and time consideration during the years you have been a college student
7) A brief statement of why this scholarship is especially important to your plans as a student

Once submitted your application will be emailed directly to the Elementary Education Department.