Student Life Priority Dates Planning Form

Scheduling of all campus events, commonly referred to as the “Priority Dates Calendar,” is a function of the Office of Student Life.  The goal of the ad hoc Student Activities Calendar Advisory Committee (SACAC) is to coordinate events open to all students.  With good planning and the assistance of the Priority Dates Calendar, student organizations will avoid competing with each other for locations, resources, and attendees.

Please submit each of your organization's Priority Date Calendar event requests using the form below. You will receive an email cc: for each event submitted. Please print each of these emails for your organization's records.

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The start time is the time that the event begins; it is not the same as the set-up time.
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Each organization is responsible for submitting paperwork to the Office of Student Center Reservations, Student Center Room 224, to reserve space for each event.
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Please specify whether this is a new event submission or a correction to a previously submitted event.
Click YES to confirm that you have read the Priority Date Policy and Procedures and that you understand that submitting an event in no way guarantees the availability of space. *  Yes

This policy applies only to program events open to all students, faculty, and staff. This policy does not automatically reserve the space specified as the 'Preferred Location.' Each organization is responsible for submitting paperwork to the Office of Student Reservations located in the Student Center Room 224 to reserve space for each event. Reserving space for private events and regular meetings is also done through Student Reservations but not included in the Priority Dates Calendar process.