Advertising Request Form

Advertising with the Publicity and Design department is a popular and economical way for departments, organizations and vendors to reach the Ball State University community. Ads are in high demand and are usually booked early, with the most popular spaces being filled at the beginning of each academic year. Reservations for ad space made well in advance and are highly encouraged to insure ideal dates. Ads run for one week and are displayed in a variety of locations based on your choices. Please complete the information below to reserve a space.
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Friday Ad Begins*
Indicate the month, date and year of the Friday you would like your ad to be on display. The ad will run from Friday-Friday. For multiple reservations please submit one request and you will be contacted upon receipt.

If you would like to reserve more than one Friday, please indicate the additional Fridays below:

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Terms and Conditions*

Please read the following terms and conditions for reserving advertising space.

1. All ads must be received no later than 2 weeks it will be on display. While we do our best to remind you of your reservation, it is your responsibility to track your reservations and submit ads on time with or without reminders.

2. Due to the high demand of reservations, it is imperative that all ads be received on time. If extenuating circumstances arise, an arranged grace period may be extended by the Publicity and Design office for late ad submission. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to meet the deadline. Visit our website for contact information. If ads are received late without notice, ad space is forfeited and the account number provided will be charged in full. This ensures fairness for all parties.

3. All ads must be proofed and approved by you before sending to us. We do not proof your design. What is sent to us by deadline is what will be printed and displayed. Please go over your design and have someone in your area proof the ad prior to sending.

Please email with any questions.