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OVS- Peer Victim Advocate Application
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Office of Victim Services Peer Victim Advocate Program. Peer Victim Advocate's are Ball State undergraduate and graduate students who go through extensive training in preparation for working with survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and other victims of violence as well as providing educational services to the campus community.

Please read this section completely before you proceed with the application:

•Applications need to be submitted by 5:00pm Friday, January 23, 2015.
     •Late applications will not be considered.
     •Space is limited, so please apply early.
•This opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
•Because of the time needed to train each advocate, a two semester time commitment is expected of new advocates.
•All members are required to complete all required training hours:
     •Weekly, on Tuesdays, from 11am-12:15pm
     •Starting February 10 and ending on April 21
     •No class on March 3, for spring break
     •Meeting in the Health Center, Room 206
     •This training is on a volunteer basis and not for course credit
•This application is the first of two steps in the selection process.
     •Completed applications will only be viewed by the selections committee, consisting of the OVS Victim Advocate, OVS Graduate Assistant, and up to two other staff members from Counseling and Health Services.
     •All applicant information will be held in confidence
     •If your application is accepted, you will be contacted for an interview.
First Name
Last Name
Local Address
How often do you check your email?
Current Semester in School
Semester and year you expect to graduate?
Overall GPA?
Graduate Program
Do you have available transportation?
Following the completion of the Peer Victim Advocate Training, will you be able to make a commitment to be an active participant during: (please enter Fall or Spring)
Indicate what you hope to contribute and gain by serving as a Peer Victim Advocate.
List any prior student organization involvement:
Please indicate the reasons why you want to serve as a Peer Victim Advocate and what you think the role involves?
List any proir leadership experience you have had:
Detail your personal strengths and how they might impact your role as a Peer Victim Advocate.
Detail your personal weaknesses and how they might affect your role as a Peer Victim Advocate.
What are your feelings towards attending professional counseling sessions, for yourself and others?
How would you handle a survivor with views that may oppose yours (i.e. Abortion, Religion, Racial...)?
How do you define Diversity and what role does it play in your life?
I agree that all the information provided in this application is truthful to the best of my knowledge. Additionally, I agree to a release of information for a background-check purposes.  Yes

Again, thank you for your interest in the Office of Victim Services Peer Victim Advocate Program and if you have any further questions, please email