Black Alumni Award of Achievement

This award is presented to a black alumnus/alumna of Ball State University who graduated no more than 20 years prior to the year of recognition. The nominee should have have demonstrated notable success in a career and be supportive of Ball State and his/her community.

A current member of the Black Alumni Constituent Society Board of Directors or the Ball State University Alumni Council should not receive the award until such time as their term of service is complete.

Nominee Information

Based upon the above criteria, I would like to nominate the following person for the Ball State University Black Alumni Award of Achievement:

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Thank you for submitting this nomination. If you have supporting materials to submit (resume, press clippings, etc.), send them along with a completed print out of this nomination form to:

Black Alumni Award of Acheivement
Ball State University Alumni Association
Muncie, Indiana 47306-0075.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and will remain in consideration for three years.

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