Honors Peer Mentor Application
Please complete the following application and submit it to the Honors College by Friday, March 7, 2009. Applicants must be students in the Honors College and have at least a 3.33 cumulative GPA. Students must have at least 6 credits of Honors coursework. (A sense of humor is a real asset, too.)
VERY IMPORTANT: Students MUST be available for the Mentors’ Retreat, scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 10 am - 1 pm. If this date presents a problem, or if you have other questions, please call Laurie Lindberg at 285-5074 or email lklindberg@bsu.edu (you may also leave a message at the Honors College front desk, 285-1024).

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Please paste or type the equivalent of a one-page essay that explains why you wish to be a Peer Mentor and any describes experiences you have had teaching, facilitating, or leading other students. *

If you have trouble pasting the whole text of your essay(some Mac computers have failed to paste more than a paragraph), send it as an attachment to honors@bsu.edu.