Veteran's Request for Enrollment Certification Form

The amount of your monthly VA payments is determined by the number of hours for which you are enrolled during a semester. Therefore, this information must be accurate and current. Any change in your hours or registration for any reason must be reported to the Ball State Veteran's Affairs Office (Lucina Hall, room 236) immediately.

You are legally responsible for any over-payments made to you by the VA.

Any falsification of information on this form is subject to review by the University Board of Review.

Veteran's Information

Enrollment Information

Is this your first semester receiving VA benefits at Ball State?*
If no, when did you last attend Ball State using VA benefits?
Are you a service person on active duty?*
If you served on active duty, when did you enter?
Estimated graduation date*
Are you enrolled in any repeat class(es)?*

Address Information

Are you enrolled in direct deposit?
Is your local address different from the mailing address above?