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By completing this form you are requesting a “total” withdrawal from the university for a specific term. We strongly encourage you to contact your advisor regarding this request so they may advise you based upon your particular needs and plan of study.

If you have financial aid, it is imperative that you contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to find out how this could affect your aid; they can be reached at 1-800-227-4017 or 765-285-5600.

Please be advised that this will be a total withdrawal and you will receive a “W” on your transcript. In addition, registering for a another course during the same term after totally withdrawing could result in financial obligations and a need to have your enrollment status changed to allow registration once again.

All refund amounts will be determined by the date the total withdrawal request was submitted and the length of the course/s. The Bursar Office’s Refund Schedule may be viewed here. You may contact the Bursar Office with questions at 765-285-1643.

Please contact the Online and Distance Education office with questions you may have regarding this process at 765-285-1581, 800-872-0369, or


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Use this form if you are withdrawing from your last or only online and distance education course.
Drop/Withdrawal Process: View the refund schedule
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Please submit your Ball State email address only. Confirmation emails will only be sent to your Ball State email account. We can no longer send drop/withdrawal confirmation emails to personal email accounts.

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Include course prefix and number
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