Dining - Burris Tray Order Form
E-Order form for fruit or vegetable kabobs. Select the type of kabobs you want from the options below. Cost per tray is $18 and serves up to 25 students and their teacher. Plates, napkins, and free delivery to the classroom included.
Submit this form at least 3 business days in advance

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1. Fruit Kabobs (Choose 3 fruits)  Strawberries
2. Vegetable Kabobs (Choose 3 vegetables; served with ranch dip)  Broccoli
  Grape Tomatoes
  Bell Pepper
Method of Payment  Burris Bucks
  Cash (must pay at register in cafeteria)
  Credit Card (must pay at register in cafeteria)
Comments or Special Instructions

If you receive a confirmation e-mail but have not ordered a tray, contact Dining immediately at dining@bsu.edu.