Counseling Center - Peer Educator/Resource Room Internship Application
Your interest in a volunteer internship with the BSU Counseling Center is greatly appreciated. We have two different types of experiences available during the fall and spring semesters: the Peer Educator position and the Resource Room Internship. Confidentiality is a crucial requirement for any undergraduate interns.
The Peer Educator involves training and participation on one of the Counseling Center's Outreach Teams. These interns receive training in the development and delivery of educational outreach programs to the university community. Interns are placed on one of the Couseling Center's outreach teams and work with that team for the fall and spring semester. This internship involves 3-6 hours per week.

The Resource Room Internship involves provision of information and assistance to BSU students, staff, and faculty. The Resource Room provides books, pamphlets and handouts, video and audio tapes, and computer information. Students who use the Resource Room may be referred by their counselors at the Counseling Center, other people on campus, or self-referred. As a Resource Room Intern, you will be trained to help students find necessary information and facilitate the use of interactive computer programs and the internet. Resource Room interns also help students to utilize the resources in the Relaxation Room.
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