Welcome to eSpace!

eSpace is a digital content portal designed to meet the following goals:

  1. Distribute news and dynamic resources from the CTE and Teachers College.
  2. Support teachers and students in schools and communities with online content.
  3. Serve as a single point-of-presence for existing channels of media or content archives within Teachers College.
  4. Serve as an outreach platform for communities and practice
  5. Promote knowledge construction within and across communities of practice.

eSpace:  The Education Space

eSpace is now in “version 2.0″ and the CTE is presently reforming its presence with new server technologies and an enhanced mission.  Learn more about the 10-year history of eSpace.

How can eSpace serve you?

Are you a content provider? You can request to share content in eSpace (or have it linked from eSpace by the CTE).

Are you part of a community of practice? This means you and some other education-oriented folks are engaged in collaboration from which widely sharable content emerges (e.g. a class, a research project, like-minded folks who want to make a particular kind of content, etc.).  You can request a community in eSpace or join in the general eSpace.