The Indiana Humanities Council is one of our original partners with the EPIC project, starting in 2006. The Resource Connection is maintained by the IHC and is freely available within the smartDESKTOP (account required) and as a stand-alone resource site without login. EPIC continues to support the Resource Connection as one of its resource partners and as a dissemination vehicle for content developed by teachers participating in EPIC.

Go to the Resource Connection at:

Using the Resource Connection

Teachers can use the Resource Connection to find educational resources by key word, grade level, standard, content area and/or other fields. In the case of a key word search, the results can be further refined by clicking on the "More Information..." per resource, where related standards can be selected for search criteria. For example, the following curricular queries show search results for the linked text:

  1. How did the Native American tribes use the various aspects of their [+] environments to survive?
  2. Examine the social, emotional and physical changes in adolescents using the Diary of Anne Frank as a key text.
  3. Celebration of the first Thanksgiving--Pilgrims and Wampanoags.
In each case, related standards can be examined by clicking on the linked standard which will show all resources in the results that share that standard.