EPIC is a professional academy designed to improve student learning and advance assessment practices of P-12 teachers. Participating in EPIC provides teachers with continuous opportunities for professional growth and curriculum development.  Teachers in EPIC will examine a particular aspect of their practice and a particular portion of their curriculum in a systematic development process.  EPIC will result in teacher-developed resources and models that will be shared with all teachers in Indiana.

Objectives and Activities

1. Curriculum Development. Educators from BSU and its partners will support teachers in a professional development program in which they will develop standards-based curricular resources to enhance student achievement.

2. Assessment Literacy. Teachers will participate in training to build a sophisticated practice of assessment for learning that utilizes performance-based assessment technologies to support rubrics design, evidence analysis, and data aggregation.

3. Professional Technologies. Teachers and other educators will collaborate online to develop, share, and amplify their curricular and assessment outcomes to fellow teachers in their school, their district, and throughout Indiana.