The Underwater World of Space
Journey to the Neutral Bouyancy Lab


Join Space Center Houston and NASA as we experience the underwater adventures of training for space walks, also known as Extravehicular Activities or EVAs. During this electronic field trip, students will have the opportunity to meet the astronauts and other men and women behind the scenes at NASA who make these very dangerous and important missions a reality.

Transform your classrom into an underwater training facility as we visit the Sonny Carter Traning Facility, more commonly known as the Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory (NBL). As the biggest pool on Earth, it is 202 feet in length, 102 feet in width, and 40 feet in depth, and holds 6.2 million gallons of water! Astronauts spend countless grueling hours in the NBL preparing for their space walks. EVAs can range from working on a satellite to installing a new piece of the International Space Station, their new home away from home.

Experiment along with us as we join the team of astronauts, divers, engineers, and scientists to uncover the secrets of underwater training. Learn how the EVA space suit becomes a one person spaceship and discover how engineers recreate the atmosphere and pressure we feel on Earth for astronauts working in space.

Let your students be a part of the team! From the astronaut training sessions to the actual space walk, every step of the journey involves hours of effort, support, and most importantly, teamwork. Engage in hands-on activities and live discussions, and give your students the opportunity to learn what it takes to have the coolest job on or off the planet: an astronaut working in space!