Over the Line
The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence


Join the staff at the world famous Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City to experience the works of renowned African-American artist Jacob Lawrence. For more than 65 years, Jacob Lawrence was both an impassioned observer and storyteller who explored the diverse aspects of the African-American experience.

This program will follow themes in Lawrence's work - such as migration, discrimination, race relations, family and community, and labor - to examine the tales of hardship and despair, and the hopes and dreams people experienced as they sought a new life.

The program will focus on selected paintings to introduce students to Lawrence's themes, and how they not only changed the lives of the subjects, but also changed the face of America. Interacting with educators from the Whitney Museum and invited guests, participants will experience Lawrence's visual and written narrative as they learn about the life that people left behind in the South, the life they found in the North, and the way they traveled from one place to another. The history of this formative period in America will be conveyed through the emotion and feeling that is the hallmark of Lawrence's art. Literature and music of the period will be interwoven with the artwork to deepen the educational experience.